sunny May

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CIMG5559 CIMG5841

Thank you for all of your messages.   There have been a lots of
change in life and I’m doing just fine.
Just wanted to say hello to friends and try to restart taking photos again.

sunny May

18 thoughts on “sunny May

  1. Hannah says:

    Dear coco, it´s nice to meet you here in your new blog! I´ve been missing you many time times.
    Lovely springtime♥


  2. YAY!! I am so happy Coco, happy that you are ok and also happy that you are blogging again !!! :)))) I have been wondering a lot how everything went, how your new life is and all. Looking very much forward to read your new blog and reconnect.



  3. Hello ! I’m Sonia, and I used to follow you (in silence) a long while ago.
    I’m happy you are doing fine & have created a new blog/journal, sometimes a little change can do a lot of good. Have a great summer ahead ! I’ll be following you here now, and will visit & comment. 🙂


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